MORGAN COUNTY MOBILITY MANAGEMENT is an innovative approach for managing and delivering coordinated transportation services to customers residing in Morgan County, including older adults, people with disabilities, and individuals with lower incomes and other populations.


The Morgan County MOBILITY MANAGER role is to focus on meeting the various individual needs of the riding public and to be their advocate in creating a transportation solution to meet their need. This can happen through a wide range of transportation options and service providers or through coordinated efforts between them. The Mobility Manager also has a function in planning policy with service providers and transportation plan coordination for Morgan County and builds local and regional partnerships to meet the current and future needs of the riding public.


The Morgan County Mobility Manager does NOT work for any specific transportation provider. They do provide transportation planning, rider training, trip brokerage and coordination, safe-driver training, and the coordination of all transportation options within the county to better identify and serve the needs of the public and the county with specific attention to promoting accessibility, education and awareness to older adults, persons with disabilities, persons with low income, veterans and other underserved populations.


Morgan County Mobility Manager provides the following services:


  • Helps anyone who lives in Morgan County understand and access the transportation options available in the county.
  • Serves as an advocate for the riding public and a person to contact if you don’t know how to or can’t arrange transportation when and where you need or want to go.
  • Can assist in resolving any ongoing issues you have with transportation in the county, whether you are an individual, group, medical service provider office, work place or any other user of transportation, public or private, in the county.
Morgan County Mobility Manager

Morgan County Mobility Manager
The Riecker Building