Since 2017, when the program was added to the Athens Mobility Management, Hocking County Mobility Management has been dedicated to connecting community members to affordable and accessible transportation options throughout the region.


The program continues to advocate for increased transit support, educate community members about different transportation options and how to utilize them, and collaborate with a wide range of partners and providers to better meet the needs of the community. The program also hosts transportation meetings within each county and is responsible for all updates and annual reviews of the Hocking County Coordinated Transportation Plan.


Hosted by Hocking, Athens, Perry Community Action, we believe that the lives of all individuals can be empowered and our entire community strengthened by coordinating transportation services and exploring new opportunities to improve transportation options.

Mobility Coordinator

Hocking County Mobility Coordinator

I am a new addition to Hapcap, taking over the role of both Athens and Hocking County Mobility Coordinator starting in 2024.  I have a very varied background, with work ranging from Paramedicine to theater lighting to running a coffee shop, I like to think that I bring a unique view to mobility and transportation as a whole.  I am very excited to begin this journey (haha, transportation puns) and to work with the many people of Athens and Hocking counties!

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